Monday, July 7, 2008

The First Step

Having read Jack McClellan's blog I felt compelled to join him. I, however, do not wish to make my identity known.

From reading his blog, I am not surprised at the encounters he faces from day to day. Indeed, being a pedophile is a hard thing to live with. Like Jack, I too long for young girls. I have also, like Jack, never done anything illegal. I also never plan on violating the law regrading children.

Sex crimes are something that will haunt a person forever be it child molestation or rape. Just knowing the penalties and what sex offenders must go through is enough to keep me straight.

I can not keep the thoughts from clouding my mind though. I often find myself looking at clothing ads and drooling over the child models. So instead of hording Victoria's Secret I have Goody's and other such catalogs laying around the house.

This is a hard life and I see (almost on a daily basis) no one taking the time to understand Pedophilia. Things like To Catch a Predator, Perverted Justice and Law and Order annoy me to no end as they simply perpetuate a stereotype about pedophiles. I have never hurt a child and will never seek to be with one.

So, Jack McClellan, I join you but remain behind a cloud of anonymity.